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Creative content for the entrepreneur who wants to grow her way! 

Ready, Set, Convert

Witty creative assets + result driven analytics = content that work 

Create & Coordinate believes that great content is a combination of strategy, witty creative assets and analytics-driven adaptation. 

Because here’s the thing – the right creative content will convert WAY faster when you have a integrated strategy and consistency.

And you know what that means?

 You can reach the right people and hear the *ding* of purchases much faster.

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This one’s on me

Grab my perfect recipe, so you can combine the perfect ingredients for a successful Social Media Campaign. 

 Trust me, organic content is successful when you have the right ingredients.
Say goodbye to the "spray and pray" method.

No more pouring time & money into posts that aren’t working. 

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Let’s Partner Up

Take a look at my signature packages to see how we can go on an ‘ad’venture. 



For the creative entrepreneur who wants strategic direction but wants to create content on her own because she knows she knows what she is capable of. 

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Strategy & Creative

content PACKAGE

For the busy entrepreneur who wants a great strategy and professionally designed templates of super fun and witty creative to launch their digital campaign.  

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Create & Coordinate

content PACKAGE

For the super busy entrepreneur who wants an effective strategy & super fun and creative content done-for-you-each month. You guide us and we'll do the rest. 

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Step aside, bland agencies. 

We’re doing creative content differently over here.

When you work with us, you’re getting people who know their stuff and eat witty humor for breakfast. That’s why your account will never be assigned to an intern or outsourced to a new hire like some *cough, ad agencies, cough* that we know.

You’re working with Ashley. Aka me. I’m a marketing & media specialist who combines my creative brain with my organizational process to create content campaigns that wow. 

about me

Hi, I’m Ashley

Advertising is in my blood.

Right after college, I started working in ad agencies in Chicago and NYC.

Think Madmen energy with nightly drinking, smoking, and
red-hot scandals. So thrilling, but man, I don’t know how any real work happened.

 I moved up the ladder in the business world, eventually becoming a marketing director for the western region of Sprint PCS. But then I put my career on hold for 18 years to start a family.

 And when my kids grew up…something completely turned my world upside down. My husband walked out unexpectedly. This event reshaped my view on women, careers, and financial power. 

It’s now my personal mission to use my extensive (now all digital) marketing and media knowledge so women can grow their companies with creative marketing assets and can create the company that they have always dreamed of leading. 

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Time to kick things up a notch 

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