First Class Chicago is a Vacation Rental Company located in Chicago, Illinois. 

The properties included two high rise condominiums and one brownstone building including 3 condominiums. They are located in the heart of Chicago, just steps away from the famous shops and restaurants in downtown Chicago.


Build a digital ad campaign & accompanying email plan, that captured a new target audience and hit the existing base. 

The marketing campaign would hit them multiple times and then close with a 20% off a night discount.


Created a digital advertising and email newsletter campaign with 4 waves: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. Each wave included a three phase digital advertising media plan.

Capture leads/Traffic & Conversion Campaign. Ad #1 offered a FREE vacation planner guide including dining and shopping coupons for the upcoming season in Chicago. The free opt-in helped create a new list of new potential leads. We targeted retired families and empty nesters in the surrounding Chicago suburban area. We also included our existing client list.

Remind/Conversion Campaign. Once we had a big enough audience and enough data, we switched our focus from audience building to optimizing for sales. Ad #2 included photos of fully equipped, very well decorated units, and the nearby attractions including theater, shops and restaurants.

The close came next, with Ad #3 offering a limited time 20% off each night for visitors who booked in the months of January, February or March or weekdays throughout the year.


In addition to adding hundreds of followers and email subscribers, online bookings for the year grew by 30% and increased 58% in the months of January, February & March compared to the year before.