Janie’s Jams was a small non-profit that we helped get off the ground following her retirement from being a high school teacher.

She wanted something fun to do with her time and share her passion and love of making jam. Janie did try to make and sell her jam to restaurants, but unfortunately, found the FDA requirements too constricting.


Our goal for this ad campaign was to subscribe 20 new people a month to JANIE’S JAMS. 

We were looking to build an audience to share knowledge and skill to like-minded DIY creative types who wanted to learn how-to-make jam for their friends and family. And give as gifts as well.


Design and schedule a paid ad campaign combined with organic social media posts to find dedicated creatives interested in a new hobby and/or idea for do-it-yourself gifts. Interactions on the website were to include live tutorials, special jam recipes, proven kitchen techniques, monthly newsletter, and a fun Facebook group to join.

Target the right audience through paid ads in addition to organic posts.

Drive subscriptions to the newsletter by offering a FREE recipe guide/book to Janie’s Jam's.

Remarket to those who had visited the website but had not signed up for the newsletter.


A lead generating Top of Funnel Ad was created and run on Facebook and Instagram to a specific target audience. Headlines and titles were tested to the target audiences and the final product (see below) generated the most qualified subscriptions.


In the first month of the test, we exceeded our subscriptions sign-ups by 20% above our intended target of 20 subscribers per month. In the second month of the test, sales were 35% higher vs. the first month.

Ad spend amount


Total ad spend

$1200 total

Amount earned

40 subscribers a month

Total new subscribers

530 subscriptions

Janie entered her jams in the San Diego/Del Mar State Summer Fair and won first prize. Her prize money exceeded her total ad spend.